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I am the fire of galaxies, the swish of wind between blades of grass
the rush of feeling when you see something inspiring
the waves of the ocean dashing against immobile rocks that will soon wear away
and the energy that powers your small treasures.
I can be found in forest clearings, in the darkest alley of your cities
in those small, still moments when you think hope is lost
the quiet mornings and the busy commutes to work
and the way you move when you're too tired to keep on going.
I will be here, in these fleeting times
to guide you in your time of need
I am outdoors and in, the turmoil within
and you will never be alone.
Not while I remain.
I am the voice of your sympathy, your apathy. Your kindness and your resolve.
The restoring force of comfort when you feel that there is no sanctuary.
I have many forms. But know this.
I will never leave you while you still have need of me.
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 2 1
hey, you were my only friends
sometimes the things you need to say the most
are stifled behind tear-filled throats
and not said to the ones you thought cared about you
because you know they hardly seem to care at all anymore
this one's for you my friend
the one i call(ed) "best"
you left me in the dark when you found a new cutie to dote on
and yelled at my mother
it was your own damn fault
this one's for you
the one i once called "wife"
because you dropped me like a hot rock when i wasn't your little kitten anymore
this one's for that girl
that told me i was her barbie with the plastic smile and hollow eyes
you were completely heartless and i trusted you
this is for those girls with the sad sad eyes and the angry mouths
who hated me because i wore all my colors on the outside
i'm (not) sorry that i pissed you off
at one time you were all my only friends
and i wonder if i won't be sorry to see all of you again
broken is too permanent to describe my condition
i don't give a damn what you think
because i am not broken
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 0 0
First Commission : DONE by insane-demonchild First Commission : DONE :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 1 3 Mickey Mouse WIP by insane-demonchild Mickey Mouse WIP :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 2 0 My Chemical Romance Armband by insane-demonchild My Chemical Romance Armband :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 9 7
Young Restless Bored
Ignorance is not bliss
it is poison of the worst kind
a fearful disease that finds its way into everything
so sing this song with me and we might stay alive
so happy with the way you are
did you ever think you were in the wrong?
Ask for someone to save you
you don't want to be saved
you want to be held back
kept down
locked up
I see the way you really are
the quiet ones are the ones who wish you ill
dancing in the streets like you're the one who lit the fires
you're the one who made fun when the matches came out
I regret ever speaking to you
drowning in your words full of venom
you don't see that the destruction will be your own
I'm the one your mother warned you about
you will all fall like dominoes
you're not my best friend
I was never yours
I will never be what you want me to be
you will never see the way I feel
passive aggressive?
but you're toxic and I don't need you
watch me cut you out of my life like turning a page
sound the alarm
ring the bells
bang the drums
summon the d
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 0 2
Feeling blue is never the answer
raise your voice so you can start to see
that nothing ever goes the way you plan
when it all doesn't go the way you wanted
step back
examine the world around you
listen for the voice inside you that has been screaming the whole time
'you do belong here'
I see the way you perceive the world
see it from a new perspective and you might understand
that it all doesn't need to go exactly right
the best gifts are found under mistakes
some call them mixed blessings
I call it a new way to breathe
jump forward
stop living in the past
your old mistakes do not dictate your way of life
listen to the basslines
hear the rhythm in the bustle of the street
it's always been there
but you've been listening to the demons
take it off
begin to live your life away from the screen
rise above people's expectations
set the bar higher
it doesn't have to go your way all the time for it to feel right  
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 1 0
Black Veil Brides Armband by insane-demonchild Black Veil Brides Armband :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 53 20
And just like that
the mood is broken again
best friends to the end
out with other people
not a word
you'll keep me posted you say
while I'm on a date with my laptop
you're out with friends I've never heard of
you promised
you promised me we'd hang out
said you owed me
for missing my birthday
I leave in less than eight weeks
what exactly does best friend mean to you
maybe I don't need you anymore
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 3 5
Killjoy Gun Final by insane-demonchild Killjoy Gun Final :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 1 0 Killjoy Gun WIP by insane-demonchild Killjoy Gun WIP :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 0 0
This Side Of The Glass
Purple socks on tiny feet
they've seen so much
but not as much as me
the hurt
I can't save you from it
only distract you
its too much for me
I say I can take it
but it's all a lie
for you
hollow chocolate eyes in teal green pools on her face
I see her in the corner of the crowded skate rink
shrouded in the noise and the movement
she stands perfectly still
observing, feeling
soaking it all up to play back later
drown out the silence in her world
dare I approach her?
will she accept my hand
when I reach out and pull her from the pool she's drowning herself in
suffocating in a drop of water
I don't think she understands
that I won't leave her
even though she might leave me
even if its for the best
that she does
little does she know
she's on the other side of the glass
staring back at me
avoiding my gaze
she hardly suspects
that she can turn it all around
with a smile like broken glass
someone will come around, she thinks
someone will save me from this mess I'm in
they can give her
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 2 4
Mature content
The Party's Over :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 0 5
Do you know how you make me feel
when you turn your back on me
when you say without words
not good enough
its like I'm shut out of life
everything slowly stops
the undercurrent of caffeine and cheap thrills is never enough
best friends
together forever
split in two
every single time you forget me
healed by your smile and your filthy mouth
you don't see the way I cling to you
don't feel the bite in words on the screen
caged animal screaming deep inside
wanting to break free
scared of the freedom behind iron bars
they are the only ones who make me feel worth anything
and I've never hugged them
shared pizza
driven back home at four in the morning
but they know most of my secrets
the ones that matter
you joke about marriage
but you don't know
I wish it was them I was married to
hope I could be their best friends
maybe I can help them
the way they helped me
you don't know my pain
head stuck in the snow
hear me when I say
“goodbye is never forever
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 0 7
ArcSoft Image75 by insane-demonchild ArcSoft Image75 :iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 1 6
Human After All :Chp 3:
Colette could hardly believe it. She had spent an hour working over the servers in the club that Daft Punk were taking over tonight, in order to allow Thomas and Guy to actually get through the door without receiving an electric shock. It had been almost too easy to get into the club, with her newly dyed pink hair and candi-raver clothes that were the fashion in this part of Paris. All she'd done was chat up the bartender and he'd simply waved her to the back, thinking she wanted to meet the dj playing. Once back there, Colette pretended she was going to go use the restroom and instead went into the server room and pulled a few wires, and popped in one of her own wires hidden under her hair to hack into the system. She was halfway through when she heard a voice behind her.
"Hacking into the system, huh? Dangerous thing to do for an android."
Colette froze. The voice didn't sound angry, just amused. And it was human, which was a good indicator the club security wasn't after her. She tur
:iconinsane-demonchild:insane-demonchild 5 0
Some of my newest stuff!


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These are things that I like. If you see anything you don't "approve of" don't bother commenting. You will be ignored.





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